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LPG is so versatile and convenient, giving you fast, reliable and clean heat, hot water and cooking. Rockgas Tauranga supplier homes big and small, new and old.

Gas is just better – cleaner, more efficient and easier! With our simple online ordering, you never have to run out of gas in your home again.

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Experience the warmth of gas

LPG gas heaters are a great way to keep warm during the cooler months, offering a clean & efficient way to heat your home.

Endless hot water

More and more people are turning away from conventional hot water cylinders, choosing instead to experience the pleasure of the constant supply of hot water you get with gas hot water.

Experience the best of outdoor living

Who doesn’t love a BBQ? In our part of New Zealand, we’re blessed with the best summers.  Firing up the barbeque at the end of a perfect day is what summer is all about.

When the weather turns a bit chilly, outdoor gas heaters are the perfect way to extend your summer outdoor living. Having a reliable gas supplier means you can entertain your guests all year round! Sign up with Rockgas Tauranga. We’ll make sure you always have plenty of LPG to keep you loving the outdoor life all year long.

Cooking with gas

Gas is the preferred choice of chefs all over the world, and it’s no wonder – the instant heat and ability to control cooking temperatures precisely gives you a cooking experience like no other.

How much LPG do I need?

Not sure how many LPG cylinders you’ll need? No problem! Use our handy table to estimate how many LPG cylinders you would typically use per year.

Number of 45kg cylinders per year in an average household

Number of people per householdHeatingHot WaterHeating, Hot Water and Cooking

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